This is Standley

The only click-on guitar foot

Standley's guitar foot attaches easily and non-permanently to your acoustic guitar's strap button and allows your guitar to stand upright on its own. Standley is ideal for living room/bedroom guitars. The product has a universal fit, weighs just 140 g (5 oz) and is the first guitar stand to fit into any guitar case. In stores now. Find your nearest dealer.

The product

A product shot identifying the key features of the Standley guitar foot including patented adjustable feet, click-on system and rubber ended feet for added protection

The story of Standley

Danish musician Muri broke his guitar neck at a band practice nearly three years ago. When it fell, he thought that there must be a simple item that one can clip onto a guitar to make it stand up by itself. No such product existed.

After 2 years of designing with a team of  engineers and guitarist Daniel Rosenfeldt, a simple solution has been created to offer guitar players new freedom.

Standley was launched this May and is now in hundreds of homes. Standley on social media.

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