2. Does the guitar get damaged when clicking-on Standley?

Standley is designed to protect the strap-button from being damaged when clicked-on to the guitar. The four adjustable feet are designed in high quality vinyl free rubber to protect the guitar from being damaged when used in daily routines.

3. Does Standley affect the sound quality of the guitar?

No, two independent sound engineers found no difference in the sound quality when comparing tracks recorded with and without Standleys on.

4. Why is 5 degrees from vertical the most stable?

Engineers specialized in geometrics found out that 5 degrees from vertical is the ideal angle for a guitar to stand at.

5. Why is Standley more convenient than regular guitar stands?

  • Standley is integrated – directly connected to the guitar.
  • Standley gives guitar players a higher degree of freedom than regular guitar stands because the guitar player can immediately place the guitar on the floor.
  • Standley saves space in your home compared to regular guitar stands.
  • Standley makes your guitar look stylish when standing on the floor.
  • Perfect travel buddy, Standley fits every bag and guitar case.

6. Limitations

Standley relies largely on gravity to work. So don’t use it on The Moon…

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